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We would usually introduce our two new AIRs to you in person at our Annual Christmas Party but a MailChimp newsletter, social media and an announcement on the front page of our website are the best, guaranteed virus-free, alternatives we can offer this year!

Alexandra and Ros will begin their residencies in January and we very much look forward to working with these two talented artists in the coming year.

Alexandra Sivov says:

I am thrilled I have been offered the opportunity to be an artist in residence at Ochre this year. 

I hope during this residency to improve and develop my work as well as engage with members in interesting discussions about our common interest: printing. 

I learned how to print in Houston, TX at the Glassel School of Art and at the Burning Bones print studios; I then experimented for many years on my own and lately graduated with an MA from City and Guilds Art School of London. I am today ready to take more challenges and continue satisfying my curiosity developing my printing practice. 

My work is about media and the different angles from which we apprehend the information we receive. 

I would like to thank everyone at Ochre for offering me this amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting you all during your visits to the print studio.

Ros Prichard says….

I am really delighted to have been chosen as an Ochre Air for 2022. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work with friendly and talented printmakers in a wonderful studio.

Being AIR is a chance to experiment and explore; it comes at exactly the right time for me as I am already beginning to branch out from my familiar lino and am excited to try new printing methods and to expand and develop the way I work. I am hoping to move my work from the representational to more narrative pieces which explore man’s relationship with the environment.

I am looking forward to being part of, and contributing to such a great community and would like to thank all at Ochre for this opportunity – I  intend to make the most of it and to share my learning along the way.

It’s always sad to say farewell to the previous year’s artists in residence and we have to applaud Jenny Nicholas and Tom Wynn Owen for their perseverance during the pandemic; for remaining with us for TWO WHOLE YEARS as they cooled their heels during the many months of the lockdowns. It’s certain none of us envisaged what was in store for us back in December 2019! Jenny and Tom won’t be leaving us quite yet as both have kindly said that they will support the new AIRs during open access in the first weeks of their residencies.

The other exciting news is that Jenny and Tom will be exhibiting the work they produced during their OPS residencies at Adam’s Gallery in Reigate in January. With tonight’s OPS Christmas Party cancelled, we would like to thank Adam Green and Julie Grove for allowing us space in their gallery to show Jenny and Tom’s work to a wider audience. Their exhibition is as yet unnamed but information and invitations will be posted very soon.