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There is something undeniably special about giving yourself time to explore new processes when you’re a practising artist.

I am interested in exploring a number of different processes as a form of opening my work up, hoping to develop in new processes.

I began in January with the amazing Jule Mallett’s turbo charged screenprinting and a break for a holiday meant I did the course twice!

It has made me realise how much goes in to learning a new process and having the time to master it and how, having done previous courses, I did not give myself the time to develop. I am so grateful for this opportunity at Ochre for the time to play and explore new possibilities.

I entertained Jule with my inability to get my head around not printing in reverse and made almost every mistake possible with my first print but I got there in the end and hopefully, learnt by my mistakes, I won’t make them again.

I also attended Ruth Barrett-Danes’ collagraph weekend, although collagraph is something I know well.

I really got to grips with viscosity printmaking and working with textures I have not used before, it was wonderful to work with Ruth she made the experience very playful and some wonderful work was made.

The studio is a wonderful place to be and I have learnt so much in my first few months, the management team and tutors are always open to help or have a short conversation, and it’s been wonderful to watch work being made.

These past few months have flown by and I am very excited for the next stage, continuing developing my collagraphs and hopefully mastering screenprint, I have been asked to do a book cover that will also be sold as a poster and am planning on doing this in screen print, so no pressure there!

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