BoxEd 2019



Product Description

Please register by Monday 6 May 2019 – Fee £10

Email this form to

Or deliver/post to Ochre Print Studio BoxEd 2019, Lockwood Centre, Westfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate, Guildford GU1 1RR


Paper Size: 20cm x 20cm (image may be any size/orientation within this overall size)

Any variation to this paper size may result in the exclusion of your prints

Please use a good quality printing paper

Edition Size: 25 Please keep to this edition size but the artist is entitled to make and retain a small number of artist proofs (usually 10% of the edition size)

All prints to be numbered 1 to 25 out of 25 Those with varied editions can indicate this by following the edition number with the letters ‘ve’ (eg: 1/25 ve)

All prints must be signed by the artist All information can be on the front or back of the print

  • Your edition must be complete and handed in to Ochre Print Studio on or before Saturday 25 May
  • If you are posting your edition, please make sure the packaging is adequate for the protection of your prints
  • In return you will receive a boxed set of 20 prints including one of your own prints and 19 randomly selected from Ochre members’ submissions
  • Your BoxEd 2019 portfolio of prints can be collected from the studio during the summer show opening times
  • All submissions will be displayed during our Annual Summer Exhibition
  • Ochre Print Studio will use the remaining BoxEd 2019 portfolios to raise money towards improving the facilities within the studio