Apologies to our members but the studio is temporarily closed for Open Access



Open access is available to all members who have undertaken a course at Ochre Print Studio or who can demonstrate previous printmaking experience or who have attended a full induction session.

Beginners must attend a relevant course before using the facilities on their own. Refresher courses, workshops and demonstrations are regularly available.

Full induction sessions on using the dark room facility or the etching room facility require a minimum of four hours each and are subject to a one-off charge of £35/hour plus materials. These should be booked with the relevant tutor.

A compulsory induction to the facility and our studio procedures, including Health & Safety, will be given at the beginning of your first open access session. These familiarisation sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are free of charge.

Session Times

In 2021 we plan to offer Members’ Open Access sessions on two Saturday mornings each month (10am to 2pm) with Etching Club Members offered sessions in the afternoon (2pm to 5pm).

To allow for social distancing, numbers are currently limited to a maximum of 6 in the studio at any one time, including the technician on duty.

Tuesday Sessions:
Morning: 10am – 2pm
Afternoon: 2pm – 6pm
Evening: 6 pm – 9 pm (Please note this is a 3 hour session)

To speak to someone in the studio you may phone 07539 935312 during these Open Access times.

Session Fees

All sessions cost £20

Frequent User Cards

These are available to all members and cost £180 for ten sessions – as opposed to the normal price of £200.

We offer a special online discount for ten sessions – pay for 9 and get 1 free.  Sessions have to be booked online.  You will need to purchase the voucher first and then use it when you book your sessions online.  Click here.

Booking an Open Access Session
Always book in advance to assure availability of the equipment you wish to use.

For your information:

  • You may provide your own materials during OA sessions but please check that they are compatible with our non-toxic policy
  • A wide range of materials are available to buy in the studio at very reasonable prices. No cash/card payment only at this time
  • Storage space cannot be provided for your own silkscreens unless a valid Frequent User card is in use
  • Silkscreens are stored at the owner’s risk and OPS will take no responsibility for any damages

At this time, if you are screenprinting, to maintain social distancing you are only offered the ability to book Bed 1 (Mahler) or Bed 3 (Truemax) but may use Bed 2 (Mylar), which is opposite the Truemax, if you prefer.

At this time, if you are using an etching press, you may request a press for your sole use, depending on the size of your plates and what plates you are using. When you arrive at the studio, please specify what size press you need and if you are printing etching plates, lino, drypoints or collagraphs etc so that we can allocate the correct etching press or relief press for your requirements. This can only be done on a first come, first served basis to maintain social distancing.

Don’t forget to give notice if you need to cancel your Open Access booking – unless there are exceptional circumstances, refunds cannot be given unless the place is filled!

General Information for anyone attending the studio on weekdays


Surrey Choices have updated their fire procedure for the building so please take note of their requirements if you are visiting the studio Monday to Friday:
  • All visitors to enter and exit via the main Reception
  • All visitors to sign in and out at Reception
  • All visitors to use the sanitiser provided
  • All visitors to take the mask provided and wear it in the common parts of the building

If you have parked at the rear of the building you still need to enter and exit the building via the front entrance

Thank you for observing the new rules!