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How lovely to have three Ochre Print Studio Artists in Residence curating an exhibition of OPS work at the Menuhin Hall last week! L-R Sarah Cliff (2018), Emma Tabor (2012) and Mai Osawa (2017).

A big thanks and congratulations to all three for making it an exhibition to be proud of. Sarah suggested we should hang the work higher than usual to account for the numbers of people milling around the bar and sitting on the chairs along the foyer walls. At the end of the ‘hang’ Patsy Belmonte (Head of the Art Department at the Yehudi Menuhin School of Music), who kindly offered us the exhibition space, praised the team for doing this – if the work is hung too low it can cause problems when they are holding a concert!

OPS artists exhibiting include Mary Branson, Ruth Barrett-Danes, Sarah Cliff, Helen Locke, Jule Mallett, Annee Robson and Emma Tabor. The work will be exhibited on the walls in the downstairs and upstairs foyer until September 2018.

‘A Concert Hall on our . . . . land would indeed be an incredibly useful and magnificent resource which we could put to daily use.’ Yehudi Menuhin

We think the Menuhin Hall is a well kept secret but one worth sharing as it is set in the most beautiful grounds.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ochre Print Studio exhibition in the foyer can only be viewed during events at the Menuhin Hall.

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