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Introducing the Saturday Open Access Etching Club


We appreciate that reinforcing the skills learned on our etching courses in a supportive environment improves confidence and independent printmaking within our community of printmakers.

If you have attended one of our etching courses and are an Ochre Print Studio member, you will be able to use our etching facilities during the Open Access sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

On many Saturdays in 2020, an etching technician, either Mai Osawa or Sarah Cliff, will be on duty in the studio from 10am to 2pm
to offer support and run The Saturday Open Access Etching Club

Please email to check that the etching technician will be on duty on the day you wish to book

Print of an Ochre Print Studio office chair by artist Helen Locke
2018 OPS Artist in Residence / #Henkalullah