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The annual membership fee offers those who have previous printmaking experience, and are confident to use the studio’s facilities, to book Open Access sessions on a regular basis. A brief ‘induction’ will be offered, including Health & Safety, the layout of the studio/where to find everything and the non-toxic chemicals and methods of cleaning up we employ. No tuition is offered but advice on setting up the presses or vacuumed screenprinting beds and the whereabouts of equipment is readily available. New members will be provided with a comprehensive document called ‘Studio Guidelines’, covering any and all information that they may require; whether they are using the etching facilities or the screenprinting facilities, from parking their car to cleaning up at the end of the session and advice on what we consider to be ‘good studio practice’!

We openly encourage those without previous printmaking experience to join the studio and take advantage of the Member’s Course Discount to attain the required skills for using the Open Access sessions. Equally, they may book one-to-one inductions/sessions with one of our Tutors to gain the required experience.

Membership would normally include the following benefits but limitations apply with current Covid-19 restrictions:

  • Concessions in the price of all courses and workshops
  • Regular updates of open access dates and times, courses and workshops plus information regarding all professional and social activities
  • Invitation to events to meet fellow members
  • A yearly open submission exhibition of member’s work and be involved in curation, hanging, publicity and Private View etc
  • Offers to join selected exhibitions at galleries
  • Ability to advertise and promote your exhibitions through the Ochre Print Studio newsletter, Coffee Break
  • Opportunities to work on community art projects
  • Possible invitation to work in the studio ‘on exchange’ using skills and time for printing sessions and to conduct paid workshops

Membership fees
Annual Fee £36

Open Access Session fees
Currently only on Tuesdays*, 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm and 6pm to 9pm costing £20 (Please note the evening session is 3 hours)
Discounted block bookings available

*We will revert to offering our pre-Covid Saturday sessions (10am to 2pm) as soon as practicable.

Click here to download Membership Form (Word document)