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The Summer Exhibition is just a few weeks away, so what better to do on a rainy Thursday than finish off my BoxEd prints and start to think about what to enter into the exhibition itself.  I thought I would make use of my new screen printing skills for the BoxEd and challenge myself by trying a multi-layered print (a detail is shown above). I do like the way one can capture rough drawing strokes and inconsistencies on a screen and then reproduce them.

In choosing entries for the Summer Exhibition my first step was to remind myself of last years entries, the three lino cuts below.

Since then I have been etching, drypointing, collagraphing and screen printing and combining the first three on Sumi Perera’s Hybrid Printmaking Course. So expect to see something different from me this year (plus some lino prints of course).

You can see some of my progress in these “new to me” printing processes (plus some lino prints of course) on my website which is now looking presentable at last.

See you at the Summer Exhibition party