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Our keyholder members have had access to the studio since 6 July but Ochre Print Studio remains closed for Open Access and courses until mid-August. It’s the start of a phased plan of reopening the facilities.

Members’ Open Access sessions will be available on Tuesday evenings (6pm to 9pm) from 18 August. Places will be limited to a maximum of 5, thus limiting numbers using each area of the studio and can be booked through the website on a first come, first served basis. Sessions will cost ¬£20.

A programme of weekend courses will run from Saturday 15 August. These are in the process of being advertised and places will be limited to 4.

Obviously our primary concern is to keep everyone safe from infection and this will involve everyone following additional Health & Safety practices BUT we will do our best to make these simple and effective.

Bear with us and please do continue to share the artwork you are making, be it from your own studio or the kitchen table, we love hearing from you and sharing your news with fellow members.

For instagram add @ochreprint or email images and words for this newsletter here 

Meanwhile…keep safe, sane and well.

With best wishes from
The Ochre Print Studio Management Team
Annee Robson, Mai Osawa, Sarah Cliff, David Crobsy and Jai (aka David Sanders)