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Alexandra will be exhibiting new work from her latest project:

Lately I had the privilege to see an exhibition of Magdalena Abakanowicz that moved me to the point that I had to stop my work to respond to hers.

In this exhibition was shown a fibrous forest, an installation of huge weaved shapes that illustrated her interest in the tree/forest’s ability to create shelter.  At the time I saw these shapes, I was working on a project dear to me: the wildfires as a few months earlier my childhood forest, in Gironde, France, was completely destroyed by flames. I started to create my very own Abakans (name that was given to her big weaving shapes by an art critic in 1964). I took the pictures of the shadows they were creating on the floor and walls, amazed by their beautiful aspect but also by the meaning I attached to them having lost my forest, the place I could be safe. From those pictures I created lino and collagraph prints. And here are some samples…

Alexandra’s studio is just 5 minutes from Waterloo Station!