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Pru Griffiths MA

Pru Griffiths

I like to play – using drawing, painting, installation and print. At the moment I am concentrating on printing, screenprinting and lino monoprints.

My inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be something that I’ve seen on my travels or just something that catches my eye. What I like to do is manipulate and abstract the image. This can be a puzzle for the viewer.

I have always drawn or painted and studied art but put it on the back burner while I pursued a nursing career. Later, I studied for a Ba in Fine Art and then an Ma in European Fine art, studying in Barcelona.

This gave me a wonderful opportunity to try all sorts of different techniques – there are too many to try in one lifetime!

What I particularly like about printmaking is the camaraderie in the print studio. I am always interested in talking to people about art and this gives me the opportunity.

I am at my happiest when creating and I’m lucky to be able to do so.