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Aprons at the ready!

Following our first Critique from Ochre founder Julie Hoyle, I thought it would be good to show here what I’ve been working on so far. I am going to create a series of aprons, amongst other pieces, which celebrate the techniques offered at the studio, and the groups who use it. My initial experiments with the heat press have been pieced together in a neoprene apron which features a session I recorded of Ochre Print Able (you may recognise Alan and Gary there, with Diane facilitating the group and Gill using the guillotine in the background).

Here are another couple of examples of this technique, the method is to paint or make marks using heat transfer inks, which are pressed against the neoprene in the heat press- the scissor shapes have been cut out of paper which has peen completely painted in fuschia paint – the ink turns into a gas under heat and transfers in a matter of seconds to the fabric. It is incredibly vibrant on synthetic fabrics, more muted on poly-cotton mixes, over all it is super fast and clean as a technique once you have painted your paper! Jule is teaching it as heat sublimation if you fancy a pop. The images can be layered and here I’ve just used the colours as a stencil and will be screen printing my sketch of the group in blue over the top as in the initial apron above.

Taking etching as a starting point, I photographed some of the tools – I love the graphic image of the round burins. Here they are screen printed onto neoprene…

And onto thick cotton.