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There is a simple beauty in being able to create and enjoy making work, the process of printmaking fascinates me as much as a subject, and my aim during the residency would be to explore as many new printmaking techniques as possible, making full use of all the facilities available.

The stories I want to tell with my art are about celebrating the local, the ordinary and the everyday.  Things that make me slow down to look and marvel, whether it’s finding beauty in a flower or seed head found on a walk, or a collection of objects that have a story to tell.

I am hoping that this residency will be about new beginnings, an exploration into new techniques. I am truly excited about this project; I feel that I will be inspired by new surroundings, fabulous equipment and like minded people.

I believe that with Art you are forever learning and that the next picture always takes you in a new direction, weather a success or failure it feeds the creative mind, I feel this residency will help to keep my work fresh and inspired.



The Ochre AIR opportunity has come at an exciting time for me, as I have been thinking about where to take my art next. This will enable me to extend my knowledge and practice of printmaking, think more about my art and build up a body of work.

I re-discovered printmaking a few years ago at Ochre Print Studio, and through the courses I have attended, the Open Access sessions, the help and encouragement of the Artists in Residence and participating in the Summer Exhibitions, printmaking has become the main focus of my art.

I have been focused on lino printing up to now, but have recently started exploring both dry point and etching.  During the year I am aiming to produce work using a combination of the printmaking processes on offer, drawing inspiration from mythology, literature, AI, early silent films and film theory in general.

One of the main strengths of Ochre is the people, and their willingness to share their knowledge, skills and experience. For me, it would be particularly rewarding to help people participate and gain from the opportunities Open Access provides. Having experienced the change from beginner to Open Access regular myself I hope I can help others take that step.

I would also like to collaborate with other artists, so please let me know if you are interested.