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Hello, I hope you are enjoying the festive season.

I wanted to share an old but useful discussion I had with Jule Mallett a few months ago when I was trying to create a repetitive pattern for making my wallpaper. These patterns can be screen printed or used on the computer to create all kind of beautiful things like wrapping papers…. I know it is too late for Christmas but imagine all the fantastic patterns and paper you could make for birthdays and other occasions during this fantastic new year ahead of us!

To create a repetitive pattern, Jule explained the step by step how to:


Draw anything you like in the centre of the paper without touching the edges.

Fold your paper horizontally, then vertically in the middle of your paper.

Cut the first fold. Switch the placement of the two sides, flip them over

and tape them together.

Cut the second fold and repeat the switch and tape.

The inside of the paper is empty, you can add more things in this empty space.

All the edges could line up perfectly! Done and unique!!!

I hope you find this as useful as I did.

Happy New Year 2023 and Happy Patterns!