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I am making new work in Lockdown and reminiscing over the fabulous year I had at Ochre. I learnt so much there and it’s interesting how it is feeding into the work I am doing now.  I have not gone in a completely new direction but I am also revisiting old work in a new way; some of the tips and tricks I learnt during my year are starting to creep in and influence my way of working.  I am back to working in Intaglio and the courses I did with Ruth Barrett-Danes, Charles Shearer, Katherine Jones and Mai Osawa really inspired me.  I already knew a lot of what was taught but there was always some little gem that appeared and has stayed with me.

Click on the link below to read Vicky’s full Blog on her 2019 Residency

A Year in the Life of a Resident Artist_Vicky Oldfield