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I’m taking part in this exhibition as a member of Richmond Printmakers. The work is really interesting  with a good variety of processes used by different printmakers.

There is an opportunity to ‘Meet the Artists’ between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 24th September.


Richmond Printmakers is a co-operative of professional printmakers based in and around Richmond-upon-Thames, working independently and coming together to exhibit works centred around a chosen theme. The group was founded in 1991 with the aim of being a supportive locally based organisation to preserve and promote the traditions of printmaking whilst also exploring new and experimental approaches.

This exhibition will explore the many different aspects of a sense of place in the world, whether it is a feeling of being at home and at ease, in an intimate place of safety or a longing for being somewhere else, or memories of events in significant settings, or possibly a sense of transience and profound change in the natural world. Each member of the group will present their own highly individual interpretation of the theme through the medium of the printed surface and it will bring together an exciting, wide range of image making.

Lithographs, relief prints, all types of intaglio prints, screen prints, monoprints and collographs will be featured throughout the show. Though most Richmond Printmakers present their work in a two-dimensional format, some also extend their explorations into three dimensions such as in artist’s books or in three dimensional constructions.

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